What's Happening...

There's lots of new things happening! If you're ever wondering about the next things coming up and the most recent news about Lu Style, check out the news page and Facebook! Search: Lu Style Giardiniera

--Posted November 28th at 8am

TODAY is Small Business Saturday!!! Support local, close and far small businesses! Giving more to the little ones keeps the big ones from completely taking over...1 purchase to a big company is nothing, but 1 purchase to a little company is everything!! Support individual and family owned places! Lu Style Giardiniera is not only delicious but there are awesome t-shirts on the website as well! TODAY, TOMORROW AND MONDAY ONLY there will be FREE SHIPPING on any shirt purchase!

--Posted November 5th at 4:00pm

Mountain Mama's Natural Foods has been restocked TODAY! They have Original Spicy over there. Go get some!! Good Karma Café and Seeds Community Café really soon to be stocked...and look soon for info about Hunt or Gather market...they are no longer in Ivywild School (which is really sad) but I think there's still access to all their goodness! Finding out info on that asap!

Don't forget about Mountain Naturals up in Woodland Park, too! They carry Lu Style and so many other great things! 

--Posted October 29th at 11:40am

Currently these places are stocked:

Mountain Naturals, Mountain Mama's (low) and Hunt or Gather Market

Soon to be re-stocked:

Seeds Community Cafe, Good Karma Cafe

AND MORE PLACES SOON!!! Look for updates soon...

 The Woodland Park Winter Farmers Market happens the second Saturday of each month until May! Located at the Ute Pass Cultural Center at 210 E. Midland Ave off I-24W. 
Here are the dates that Lu Style will be attending...

Woodland Park Winter Farmers Market:
-November 14th (Thanksgiving is soon! It compliments turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing...I'm drooling...)
-December 12th (Christmas presents! What's better really?!)
-January 9th (Healthy AND delicious eating after the holidays!)
-February 13th (Valentine's day gifts for your sweetie who likes spicy!)
-March 12th (St. Patricks day soon- put it on corned beef and cabbage!)
-April 9th (You don't ever need an excuse, just come get some)

--Posted June 3rd at 6:20pm:

Alright! Hi everyone! Here is the list of Farmer's Markets Lu Style Giardiniera will be attending this summer!!! So exciting. They are all in the Colorado Springs area, fortunately there's so many farmers markets out there but unfortunately Lu Style can't be at more of them! Maybe soon... 
Anyway, here it is...

-Thursday evenings 4pm-7pm in Manitou Springs, CO
Starting Thursdays June 18, July 2 & 16, Aug 6 & 20, and Sep 3rd
At Mansions Park Pavilion, behind Manitou Springs City Hall

-Friday mornings 7am-1pm in Woodland Park, CO
Every Friday starting June 5th-Sept 25th
At Hwy 24 and S. West St (behind Vectra Bank)

-Saturday mornings 9am-1pm in Colorado Springs
Starting Saturday June 13th, every other Saturday until Oct 3rd
At The Margarita at Pine Creek

-Sunday mornings 9am-2pm in Colorado Springs
Starting Sunday June 14th-Oct 11th
Downtown Sunday Market in Acacia Park

I hope you or anyone you know can make it and find us at one of them at least! haha. These markets are an enormous opportunity for Lu Style Giardiniera to reach not only so many new people but new levels in all aspects of making this tasty spicy hot perfection something everyone all over can enjoy!

--Posted May 26th at 8:32pm

Update! Lu Style Giardiniera will be doing multiple farmers markets this summer!!! SO CLOSE to saying for SURE which ones, just waiting on that final confirmation. Once we receive it though there will most definitely be details! Recipe page still coming soon... ;) Thanks!

--Posted April 26th at 6:00pm

Not very good at keeping up with the website news page! However, the Lu Style Giardiniera facebook page always has the most current information. I will have to get better at this though. Anyway! Since the last post, Lu Style has been accepted to at least 1 farmer's market in CO (so far!)--the Woodland Park Farmer's Market starting June 5th! It is being carried at Ivywild School's Hunt or Gather Market in Colorado Springs and the online store is always active! (Thank you for that!)

T-shirts are coming soon...and a recipe page!

--Posted February 17th at 5:53pm

Lu Style has stickers printed that will soon be available in the online store...shirts and such will be coming soon, too! GIARD HARD! ;)

Hey! Quick update! Seeds Community Cafe in Downtown Colorado Springs has ALSO started carrying Lu Style! They have AMAZING food with an emphasis on sustainable, organic and local ingredients. They also have a mission--to end hunger insecurities and provide food for people who may not be able to afford it--their wonderful place has a "pay as you can" policy, where you can pay the total amount if you can, pay a little extra for those who can't, and/or volunteer your time at the cafe...it's a great place dedicated to building and supporting the community :) see what they're all about: www.seedscommunitycafe.org

--Posted February 3rd at 7:24pm

Lu Style Giardiniera is now at Poor Richard's in downtown Colorado Springs!!! DELICIOUS food, options for everyone, but mainly they have the tastiest pizza ever. Including a wonderful gluten free option! They care about sustainable ingredients and supporting local. They have an awesome bookstore, wine bar/cafe, toy store AND a restaurant....so much to explore! Love it there!! Check 'em out! www.poorrichardsdowntown.com

--Posted January 21st at 11:14pm

Whoa! Haven't kept up with this much. The holiday season is semi to blame, haha, but it's been quite a bit since then! Anyway! Many great things are still happening and will continue to happen. Lots of ideas need to come out and become a reality. The Lu Style Giardiniera Facebook page keeps things up to date more so…but soon, more businesses will be carrying Lu Style, stickers are being printed (as well as shirts soon!) and places like LA and Chicago will begin to experience the beauty of having Lu Style close by….stay tuned….

--Posted November 23rd at 11:39am

Thanks so much to everyone who has placed orders! That's awesome! I hope you've been enjoying it ;)

Lu Style will soon officially be made with olive oil from The Olive Tap! These stores have quite a few locations around the country, and also have the best quality and best tasting olive oil around! It's always 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They have an array to choose from, including vinegars and nut & seed oils! Check 'em out www.theolivetap.com

--Posted November 18th at 3:30pm

Lu Style Giardiniera is now at Mountain Mama Natural Foods!!! One of the best places ever! They're a wonderful grocery store in Colorado Springs…go get some and see what else they have ;) www.mountainmamanaturalfoods.com

--Posted November 7th at 6:28pm

This upcoming week the online store will be up. Lu Style is also OFFICIALLY ORGANIC! yay!

--Posted October 30th at 1:00pm

The online store is being created…it will be up soon. It will be amazing! Not only that, but there will be some really cool one-of-a-kind glass 9oz jars available soon, dishwasher safe and reusable! And badass. 

ALSO--coming to you soon in the Colorado Springs area….Mountain Mama Natural Food grocery store (located at 1625 W Uintah St) is going to be carrying Lu Style in just a few short weeks! Look soon for when it will be there, I'm guessing by the 2nd week of November! Yay!

--Posted October 19th at 2:50pm:

The online store is once again a reality! I have worked out shipping costs and now there's just the job of setting up the store and prepping for orders! I'm a gigantic procrastinator, but I truly want nothing more than for my giardiniera to be reachable and enjoyed by everyone! (I'm working on my procrastination) and soon a friend and I will be joining forces on a lot of things for the future of Lu Style. I expect the store to be ready by the first week of November. Plan on eating this delicious spicy goodness with your Thanksgiving feasts ;) Thanks for sticking with me! Here it comes….

--Posted September 9th at 8:06pm:

Okay, this is silly that I haven't posted any news when there has been some news! Back to keeping up with it. Anyway, for starters, if you're not already following lu_style_giardiniera on Instagram--do it! If so, you probably saw the new chopper that has been purchased to speed up production! Such a fantastic device. Starting soon, you can purchase Lu Style merch! haha-stickers and shirts. Very exciting. There will be new special jars coming out, and shipping for the online store to order Lu Style Giardiniera is being worked out.

So many ideas for the future of Lu Style have been at work and are finally getting into action! Thanks for the support! ;) and continue to stay tuned…..

--Posted on August 16th at 3:37pm:

Forgot to post some new stuff! Here we go. Find Lu Style at the Local First Grocer (a fantastic place) AND at Good Karma Cafe! There's a delicious menu of sandwiches, salads and phenomenal breakfast foods (not to mention great coffee!). You will be able to order food there and add Lu Style Giardiniera to your sandwich, wrap, omelette, breakfast burritos etc! Mmm!! Don't miss out if you're in the area!

In other news, the online store is STILL COMING!…for some reason I have yet to have it up, but it's in the works and IT IS COMING! :) Thanks for the endless patience!!! Techonological/mental block I guess. 

Also, check out the changes made throughout the website, and tell your friends and family, and anyone you know who likes spicy food, to get excited for what's to come. haha, thanks

---Posted on July 29th at 4:32pm:

The Local First Grocer Co-op has Lu Style again! Go buy some!!! :) Also, other sized containers were picked up today…you will soon have the option of enjoying Lu Style from an 8oz, 12oz or 24oz container! Still working out all the shipping details and such so that the online store can open! Stick with me while I work out the kinks! Thanks!

---Posted on July 26th at 6:23pm:

Lu Style Giardiniera will now have different sizes to choose from! There will be 3 sizes. The online store will show these options soon…stay tuned! Thanks for the patience! 

---Posted on July 23rd at 9:24pm:

More batches made today. The online store is coming soon! Also, Lu Style Giardiniera already practically sold out at Local First Grocer on the first day, which is great news! Only 1 left. That place is the best…more will be there ASAP. And once the online store is up and running, I hope to be shipping regularly and taking orders! Thanks!

---Posted on July 22nd at 3:04pm:

Lu Style has an Instagram account! Find lu_style_giardiniera and follow all the excellent pictures that will be posted. There will be pictures that others have taken as well as some of my own! Get excited! haha. Thanks!

---Posted on July 22nd, 2014 at 1:48pm:

The Local First Grocer in downtown Manitou Springs, CO is officially carrying Lu Style Giardiniera! Go by the grocer and pick some up! While you're there, make sure you check out all the other awesome local products and their great selection of fresh, organic produce :)